Three Easy Steps to Get your Responsible Serving® Certification!

HomeCan I get a bartender certification online?

YES, with our Responsible Serving® course you get your state's certificate to sell/serve alcohol and to bartend. Responsible alcohol server training ensures that sellers and servers of alcohol understand the liquor laws in their states and serve responsibly. Some areas require alcohol seller or server certification for any employee that handles alcohol.

Our responsible server online course can be taken in one or more online sessions and satisfies the requirements in most areas. It is a good idea to get this certification, because many establishments require this training to lower their insurance rates, and can also help you stand out from other job applicants who don't have server certification.

3 Easy Steps to Get your Bartender Certificate

   1. Order online  your state's "Responsible Serving® Course"
   2. Take the course online
   3. Print your temporary certificate online instantly

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